Baby After Birth : What Normally Happens?

What Happens to Baby After Birth

Hello, new moms and dads!

Bringing a baby into the world is a whirlwind of emotions, and knowing what to expect from baby after birth help ease some of that first-time parent anxiety.

Right after birth, your baby will undergo a series of standard tests and assessments to ensure they’re healthy and thriving. From the Apgar score to the first hearing test, these procedures are routine and essential.

Stick with me as I walk you through what’s normally done to babies after birth, so you can feel prepared and confident in those precious first moments with your newborn.

At Birth

Cord Clamping

Your healthcare provider will clamp and cut the umbilical cord. Consider if you prefer to delay the clamping; for more information, refer to our blog.

Drying and Stimulating

Typically, a nurse will assist as your baby is placed on your chest under a warm blanket to dry and stimulate them. Please request that the nurse does not remove the vernix; direct skin-to-skin contact is sufficient.

Airway Suctioning

To ensure your baby breathes easily and to minimize respiratory risks, they will be gently suctioned at birth to remove any fluids from their airways.

In The Labor Room

APGAR Scoring

The APGAR score evaluates a newborn's health immediately after birth by assessing heart rate, breathing, muscle tone, reflexes, and skin color to assign a score from 0-10. This score reflects how well the baby is adjusting to life outside the womb.

Newborn Assessment

Within the first two hours, this assessment monitors the baby's vital signs, appearance, and overall health to ensure a smooth transition outside the womb.


Nurses may suggest taking measurements like length and weight within the first hour. These are not urgent and can be postponed or declined by parents.

Baby First 24 hours

Newborn Medications

Right after birth, parents are offered three medications for their newborn: Erythromycin ointment for the eyes, the Hepatitis B vaccine, and a Vitamin K injection. It’s important for parents to research and decide whether to accept or decline these.

The First Bath

The first bath for the baby is typically scheduled 24 hours after birth. However, parents can choose to delay this until they are home. Guidance on how to administer the first bath is available through the Newborn Academy.

Baby First 48 hours

Vital Signs and Assessments

The postpartum nurse will frequently check the newborn to ensure they are adapting well to their new environment. This includes monitoring temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, and other vital signs.

Other Testing

During their stay at the birth facility, the newborn will undergo several important tests. These include a hearing assessment, a PKU test, and screening for jaundice. More details on these procedures are provided in the Newborn Academy course.

It's time to go home!

Finally, the moment every new mother eagerly anticipates – bringing your baby home!

Once the hospital confirms that both mom and baby are healthy, parents might need to attend a brief discharge class to review important paperwork and tasks like applying for a social security card and birth certificate.

After completing these steps, you’re all set to take your new bundle of joy home! Don't forget to share these tips and info to new expecting moms and parents!

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Hospital Standard Test and Assessment, Baby After Birth What Really Happens

12 Thoughtful Gifts to Bring When Visiting a New Mom

12 Thoughtful Gifts to Bring When Visiting a New Mom

Hello, Moms and friends! It could be overwhelming sometimes for new moms, from preparation and even after birth. When visiting a new mom, bringing a thoughtful gift can make a world of difference.

Whether you’re looking for "Must-Have Items to Bring When Meeting a New Mom" or simply want to offer support, these first time mom tips will guide you. From "First Time Mom Must Haves" to "non baby gifts for new moms," "let's dive into some heartfelt ideas that will truly be appreciated.

Nourishing Meals

packed meals for mom

A home-cooked meal or a meal delivery service can be a lifesaver for new parents. Providing nutritious, easy-to-heat meals ensures they have one less thing to worry about. Who doesn't want ready to eat and easy to heat meals when you're just tired and busy!

Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks like granola bars, fruit, and nuts are perfect for quick energy boosts. These are especially useful during late-night feedings and busy days.

Comfortable Loungewear

muslin pajamas

Soft, cozy loungewear can help new moms feel relaxed and pampered. Think about robes, pajamas, or slippers that offer both comfort and ease.

Postpartum Recovery Items

Items like peri bottles, sitz bath herbs, and nipple cream can aid in postpartum recovery. These thoughtful gifts show you care about the mom's well-being.

Self-Care Products

Pamper the new mom with self-care products such as bath salts, face masks, and hand creams. These little luxuries can help her unwind and take a moment for herself.

Books for New Moms

books and magazines

Consider gifting the "best book for new mom" that offers advice, humor, or a good escape. Whether it’s a parenting guide or a light-hearted novel, books can be a wonderful companion.

Cleaning Services

Offering a voucher for a cleaning service can be incredibly helpful. It allows the new parents to focus on their baby without worrying about household chores.

Gift Cards

Gift cards for grocery stores, restaurants, or online shopping are practical and appreciated. They give new parents the flexibility to get what they need, when they need it.

A Bag of Groceries

bag of groceries

Bring a bag of groceries filled with essentials and healthy options. This thoughtful gesture can help stock their pantry and provide easy-to-prepare meals and snacks.

Baby Essentials Kit

While this is not exactly a non-baby gift, a kit with diapers, wipes, and baby lotion is always useful. It ensures that the new parents are well-stocked with essentials.

Check out for the cutest baby essential items in Cozy Nursery

Massage or Spa Voucher

A massage or spa voucher can be a perfect way for the new mom to relax and rejuvenate. It's a lovely way to encourage her to take some well-deserved time for herself.

Journal or Planner

A beautiful journal or planner can help the new mom keep track of feedings, milestones, and personal reflections. It’s a practical and thoughtful gift that she can cherish.

Favorite Drink or Coffee

coffee and bread

Bring her favorite drink or a cup of her preferred coffee. Whether it’s a refreshing iced tea, a special smoothie, or a gourmet coffee, this small treat can brighten her day and offer a moment of relaxation.

Appreciation Gift to the Real MVP!

Sometimes all we need is to feel supported and cared for. Whether it's nourishing meals, comfy loungewear, or a helpful service, these gifts show your love and consideration. What are your favorite gifts to bring when visiting a new mom? Share your ideas in the comments below, we love to hear it!

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what to bring a new mom first time mom tips

Nesting Checklist : Pre-Baby Preparation for First Time Moms

nesting checklist

Welcoming your first baby is an exciting journey filled with anticipation and preparation.

From baby registry checklist, to hospital bag checklist and diaper bag checklist, today we share the nesting checklist to help first-time moms feel organized and ready for their new arrival, covering all the essentials for a pregnancy nesting checklist you’ll need to create a cozy and functional space for your baby.

Nursery Setup

  • Crib and Mattress: Ensure you have a safe and comfortable crib with a firm mattress.
  • Bedding: Fitted crib sheets, waterproof mattress protectors, and sleep sacks or swaddles.
  • Changing Station: Changing table or pad, diaper pail, and storage for diapers, wipes, and creams.
  • Rocking Chair or Glider: A comfortable chair for feeding and soothing your baby.
  • Storage: Baskets or bins for organizing clothes, toys, and other essentials.
  • Decor: Wall art, mobile, and soft lighting for a cozy atmosphere.
  • Safety: Baby monitor, outlet covers, and furniture anchors.

Baby Essentials

  • Clothing: Onesies, sleepers, socks, hats, and mittens. Focus on zip-up outfits for convenience.
  • Diapers and Wipes: Stock up on newborn and size 1 diapers, as well as sensitive skin wipes.
  • Feeding Supplies:
    • Breastfeeding: Nursing bras, nipple cream, breast pump, and storage bags.
    • Bottle Feeding: Bottles, formula, bottle brush, and sterilizer.
  • Bath Time: Baby bathtub, gentle baby wash, shampoo, soft towels, and washcloths.
  • Health and Grooming: Digital thermometer, nasal aspirator, baby nail clippers, and a soft hairbrush.
  • Travel Gear: Car seat, stroller, baby carrier, and diaper bag.
  • Sleep Essentials: Bassinet or co-sleeper, sound machine, and blackout curtains.

Mom Essentials

  • Comfort Items: Comfortable pajamas, nursing tops, and a cozy robe.
  • Postpartum Care: Pads, peri bottle, nipple cream, and pain relief spray.
  • Hydration and Snacks: Water bottle, healthy snacks, and easy-to-eat meals.
  • Support: Contact numbers for lactation consultants, postpartum doulas, and support groups.

House Preparation

  • Cleaning: Deep clean the house, focusing on the nursery, bathroom, and kitchen.
  • Meal Prep: Prepare and freeze meals for easy access during the first few weeks postpartum.
  • Laundry: Wash all baby clothes, bedding, and towels with a baby-friendly detergent.
  • Pet Care: Arrange for pet care if necessary and introduce your pets to the new baby items.


  • Pack Hospital Bag: Include essentials for you, your partner, and the baby (clothes, toiletries, snacks, and important documents).
  • Install Car Seat: Ensure it is properly installed and meets safety standards.
  • Emergency Contacts: Make a list of important phone numbers and place it in an easily accessible location.
  • Birth Plan: Finalize your birth plan and discuss it with your healthcare provider.

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nesting checklist for first time moms

Favorite Finds Amazon Baby Registry Must-Haves

Hey there, fellow mommas and mommas-to-be! If you’re knee-deep in setting up your baby registry must-haves or baby cheklist and feeling a bit overwhelmed, take a deep breath—I’ve got you covered.

I’m here to share the Amazon Baby Registry favorite finds, filled with real-life advice for first time moms on what truly matters (and what doesn’t) when prepping for your little one.

All suits from my round up are linked below by number!

amazon baby registry favorite finds

Here are the list:

Essential New Purchases

Of course, there are things you’ll want to buy new for safety reasons, like car seats. If you’re a city dweller or a frequent traveler, consider splurging on a Doona—it’s a car seat and stroller in one, and it’s a game-changer for moving around with ease.

Must-Have Items That Are Actually Worth It

Baby Soothers

My baby absolutely loved his Mamaroo—it was a lifesaver during his fussier days. Whether it’s a swing, rocker, or another soothing device, having something to gently rock them can be invaluable.

Play and Learn

Baby Soothers: My baby absolutely loved his Mamaroo—it was a lifesaver during his fussier days. Whether it’s a swing, rocker, or another soothing device, having something to gently rock them can be invaluable.

Activity Center

When my little one got more mobile, the Skip Hop 3-in-1 Activity Center was worth its weight in gold. It transitioned from a sit-in play area to an activity table, making it useful for a long stretch.

Books and Toys

Last but not least, stock up on books to build your baby’s library early on, and don’t forget about those timeless toys like stackable rings and shape sorters that continue to engage them as they grow.

The Real Essentials: Practical Picks for Daily Use

Baby Clothing

Moms, hear me loud and clear—Zip Pajamas is the one! You’ll thank me when you’re not fumbling with snaps during those late-night changes.

Feeding Supplies

Whether you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding, having the right supplies like a good breast pump, storage bags, and a few quality bottles can make all the difference.

Mom Essentials​

Breast Therapy Packs

These is something for both warming and cooling relief, these therapy packs are a must-have for breastfeeding moms.

Nipple or Breastfeeding Cream

This all-natural, organic nipple butter is essential for soothing and healing sore, cracked nipples.

Organic Nipple Pads

On the list we love that the item is not only organic but also washable too!

Electric Double Wearable Breast Pump

We love that the item on the list offers hands-free convenience and efficiency. You can even tuck it in, inside your mama bra or clothing, all this while carrying the baby.

Bonus Tips for Long-Term Use

Think Ahead! It’s easy to get caught up in newborn necessities, but consider items that will be useful as your baby grows. Activity toys, durable play mats, and convertible gear can adapt to your child’s changing needs.

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There you have it! I hope you find the essential items for your baby registry. And when in doubt, remember that less is often more—you’ll figure out what your baby loves most through trial and fabulous error.

We are so excited for you! Congratulations! Don't forget to register here to for your Amazon Baby Registry Wishlist.

Amazon Baby Registry Free Welcome Box!

baby registry (2)

Hello, fellow mommies and daddies-to-be! Did you know that you can easily make your baby registry with less hassle using Amazon Baby Registry.

Today, I'm super excited to share something that Amazon offers for parents just like us— a free Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box! I see a lot of reviews of mom’s getting swaddles, wipes, vitamins, creams, coupons, pumps, feeding bottles and a whole lot more. Let’s be honest, it is probably a hit or miss but it is free, and definitely will score it 8/10. So if you’re excited to know more, let’s go dive in!

What is the Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

The Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box is a complimentary gift that Amazon offers to parents who have completed a few simple steps with their baby registry. It includes a variety of items for both baby and parents, such as diapers, wipes, baby bottles, onesies, baby wash, and even a few surprises that will make your day a little easier and a lot more fun!

You can actually sign up and get a 30 day free trial.

How to Qualify for Your Free Box?

Step 1: Create Your Amazon Baby Registry

First things first, set up your Amazon Baby Registry. It’s quick, easy, and free! Just visit Amazon’s baby registry page, and click the “Create a new Baby Registry” button. Fill out the necessary details, and you’re on your way.

Step 2: Complete the Registry Checklist

Amazon provides a checklist covering all the baby categories you need to add to your registry. Make sure to add at least one item from each category to meet this requirement. This ensures your registry is well-rounded, which is really useful for keeping track of what you need.

Step 3: Have a Minimum Purchase Amount from Your Registry

Your registry needs to receive at least $10 in purchases. These can be gifts from friends and family, or even items you buy yourself. Once your purchases reach this amount, you become eligible for the welcome box.One important thing to remember: The order has to actually ship before you can request your box.

This thing is the common concern for parents who had problems receiving the items!

Step 4: Claim Your Welcome Box

After completing the steps above, go to your Baby Registry page and select the “Claim Now” button to add the Welcome Box to your cart. The cost will show as $35, but don’t worry— once you reach the checkout, the price will drop to zero with the promotion applied.

Why You Should Consider Signing Up?

Not only do you get some great freebies, but creating a registry on Amazon also offers flexibility and convenience, with a vast selection of baby products at competitive prices. Plus, the 15% completion discount you get as a registry owner (if you are a member of Amazon Prime) is a great bonus to help with those bigger purchases you’ll need for your baby.

amazon baby registry

So, why not start your baby registry journey with Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box today and enjoy these perks? You'll love the convenience, the fun of checking off items from your checklist, and of course, the joy of opening your Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box!

Remember to share your own experiences and tips with your fellow parents in the comments below. Happy registering!

9 Unique Summer Gender Reveal Ideas and Themes

9 unique summer gender reveal ideas and themes

Hello, beautiful soon-to-be parents! Gender reveal events are just something new parents are waiting for! Simple or big celebration, it just warms the heart to share the good news with our family and loved ones! Summer is the perfect season for a vibrant and unforgettable unique gender reveal party.

Today, I'm thrilled to share with you 11 unique gender ideas and themes. From playful poolside splashes, beachy vibes to digital delights, these ideas are tailored to make your gender reveal one for the books. So grab a lemonade, sit back, and light up your summer with surprises and smiles!

Harry Potter Gender Reveal Theme

harry potter baby gender reveal (5)

Photo by @thewizardingsibs

harry potter baby gender reveal

Photo by @thewizardingsibs

harry potter baby gender reveal (2)

Photo by @thewizardingsibs

harry potter baby gender reveal (4)

Photo by @thewizardingsibs

harry potter baby gender reveal (3)

Photo by @thewizardingsibs

harry potter baby gender reveal (6)

Photo by @thewizardingsibs

For all those Potterhead moms and dads out there! Here’s the perfect theme to still make your gender reveal announcement magical and wizarding as it can be! Ah! We just love these inspo photos from @thewizardingsibs , everything seems so perfect!

Gender Reveal with Pets

Video by @themgoldenboys

This is probably the cutest gender reveal so far. If you are a fur mom or fur dad, and love your paw friends to be part of the milestone, this one's for you! Isn't the theme the cutest?

Burn Away Cakes!

Video by @cakeyourway

As what @cakeyourway says the possibility is endless for this gender reveal theme! This is one of the most unique gender reveal we have seen so far, and we love this! So creative!

Cake and Wine Glass Reveal Theme

cake gender reveal

Photo by @suerose

cake reveal gender reveal (2)

Photo by @sevilluxcakess

cake reveal gender reveal

Photo by @crumbsbyja

Cake reveal cake with wine glass as scooper will always be the classic and most loved by moms. Simple yet so fun to do.

Pool Party Splash Theme

baby gender reveal
pool side gender reveal party
pool side gender reveal party (2)

What better way to reveal your baby’s gender than with a splash in the pool? Use a color-changing pool bomb that reveals pink or blue as it dissolves in the water. Guests can gather around the pool edge to see the surprise unfold in a wave of color! Or even a box filled with baby boy or baby girl items in the same color!

Digital Gender Reveal Theme

Host a virtual gender reveal party for friends and family who can't join in person. Send out digital invites and use a live video call to unveil the gender through an animated reveal—think virtual balloons popping or a digital scratch card!

Tic Tac Toe Reveal Theme

tic tac toe gender reveal (4)
tic tac toe gender reveal

Photo by @crazyfordiymel

tic tac toe gender reveal (3)
tic tac toe gender reveal (2)

Photo by @nailahsrentals

Set up a giant tic-tac-toe board in your backyard. Use pink and blue painted rocks or bean bags as markers. The winning line reveals the baby's gender—creative and interactive!

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

twinkle twinkle gender reveal party (2)

Photo by @milos_events

twinkle twinkle gender reveal party (3)

Photo by @kaysweetss_

what's the scoop gender reveal party (4)

Photo by @sweetj_treats

what will it be
twinkle twinkle gender reveal party

Organize a celestial-themed gender reveal under the stars. Use star-shaped lanterns and a projector to light up the night sky in pink or blue. You can also create a gender reveal cake or cake pop with celestial elements.

What Will It Bee?

what will it bee (3)

Photo by @e.layups

what will it bee (7)

Photo by @balloonsbytommy

what will it bee (5)
what will it bee (6)

Photo by @wowmyparty

what will it bee (2)

Photo by @misselvani

what will it bee

Photo by @misselvani

what will it bee (4)

Photo by @misselvani

This adorable theme plays on the words "bee" with a "What will it bee?" party. Use bee-themed decorations and have a honeycomb cake with colored filling that spills out the sweet secret when you cut it.

Beach Ball Bonanza

Turn a simple beach day into a memorable gender reveal. Inflate a giant beach ball that pops to release pink or blue confetti—the perfect backdrop of the ocean adds to the drama!

Garden Party Bloom Theme

garden gender reveal cake

Photo by @daleybounce

garden gender reveal cake

Photo by @beitraselharf

garden gender reveal cake (5)
garden gender reveal cake (2)
garden gender reveal cake (3)
garden gender reveal cake (4)
poppers gender reveal

Photo by @ytbmanond

Enjoy a tea party or a picnic in the garden theme gender reveal. Pop a flower shape balloon or prepare a flower shape cake pop.

Ice Cream Social

what's the scoop gender reveal party

Photo by @wowmyfiesta

what's the scoop gender reveal party

Photo by @siftandswirl

what's the scoop gender reveal party (2)

Photo by @lacasadolce

icecream gender reveal party

Serve up mystery-flavored ice cream that turns tongues pink or blue. Or better an ice cream with blue or pink filling in the middle! It’s a sweet treat that adds an element of surprise to your summer gender reveal.

S'mores Campfire Reveal

Gather your guests around a cozy campfire for a s'mores-making session. Provide marshmallows that, when roasted and opened, reveal a pink or blue center. It’s a tasty and heartwarming way to share your big news.

Surprise Box with Balloons

box babygender reveal party

Photo by @feguimaraess

box gender reveal party

Photo by @@leonida1212

Create an enchanting moment with a large decorative box filled with helium balloons that float out to reveal the baby's gender. As the box opens, pink or blue balloons will ascend into the sky, providing a visually stunning and joyful announcement. It’s simple, elegant, and wonderfully photogenic, making it perfect for capturing the surprise and delight of your guests.

Color Poppers and Balloons

balloon pop gender reveal party (2)

Photo by @mr_partyplanner

balloon pop gender reveal party

Photo by @stamouli_efi

poppers gender reveal

Photo by @jacquelinegoldrich

Add an element of spontaneity and fun with color poppers that guests can use at the same time. When everyone pops theirs simultaneously, a burst of pink or blue confetti fills the air, creating a festive and exciting atmosphere. This method is perfect for capturing lively, action-packed photos of the moment the gender is revealed.

Here Comes the Baby

There you have it, 9 wonderfully unique gender reveal ideas and themes that are sure to make your special announcement a day to remember, may it be summer or any season!

Your turn! So pick your theme, plan your party, and prepare for one of the most exciting milestones of your pregnancy. And don’t forget to capture every moment—these are the memories that last a lifetime!

baby gender reveal (1)

12 Vintage Cottagecore Nursery Themes and Ideas

vintage cottagecore nursery theme

Today, we're diving into the serene and sweet world of the cottagecore nursery theme. We have collected in this blog beautiful inspo in creating the perfect cottagecore nursery DIY projects and with a side of vintage touches and magic. Whether you're a seasoned DIYer or a beginner looking for a new project this one's for you!

Get ready to see how soft floral patterns, rustic furniture, and handcrafted decor can transform a simple room into a dreamy vintage cottagecore nursery.

Vintage Floral or Nature Patterns

girl nursery vintage room
pink canopy
vintage nursery for baby (2)
vintage botanical accent wall

Photo by @godsavethescene

cottagecore nursery for girls
pinkc canopy for nursery

Infuse a sense of timeless elegance with vintage floral patterns. Use wallpaper or fabric that features classic rose prints or dainty daisies to instantly give the nursery a soft, romantic vibe.

Rustic Furniture Pieces

vintage wall storage
rustic storage for boys
rustic cabinet
vintage wallpaper for nursery

Incorporate rustic furniture pieces that evoke the old-world charm. An antique rocking chair or a vintage crib can anchor the room in the cottagecore aesthetic.

Handmade Decor

sage green nursery wall

Photo by @ells.sear

vintage nursery

Embrace the DIY spirit of cottagecore by incorporating handmade decor items. Knit a blanket, crochet a mobile, or create your own wall hangings to add a personal touch that’s both warm and inviting.

Natural Elements

mushroom house basket
botanical wallpaper

Photo by @@mylittlebirdie__

timeless nursery
botanical wallpaper (3)
botanical wallpaper (2)

Photo by @michellemilowe

botanical wallpaper (2)

Choose a soft, muted color palette that reflects the tranquil and homey feel of a cottage. Pastels, creamy whites, and earthy greens are perfect for creating a calming space.

Vintage Books and Toys

vintage wall storage
cottagecore squash toy

Decorate shelves with vintage children’s books and classic wooden toys. These elements not only serve as decor but also encourage a nostalgic feel that complements the cottagecore theme.

Whimsical Lighting

deer lamp
moon lamp

Opt for whimsical lighting solutions like fairy lights or a vintage lamp to create a soft, glowing ambiance that enhances the magical feel of the nursery.

Gingham and Linen Fabrics

black gingham curtains

Photo by @inwiththeoldhome

gingham canopy
gingham canopy for girls

Photo by @ohhoneysilhouettes

Use gingham and linen fabrics for bedding, curtains, and throw pillows. These fabrics are staples in cottagecore decor, offering texture and a quaint charm.

Floral Mobiles

Create or find a floral mobile to hang above the crib. A mobile made from dried flowers or soft fabric can be a delicate and beautiful centerpiece.

Lace Accents

peach canopy
lace canopy

Photo by @ells.sear

Pink canopy for girl room

Incorporate lace accents in window treatments, crib bedding, or pillow covers. Lace adds a touch of vintage elegance and delicate detail to any room.

Wall Art with Botanical Prints

cottagecore nursery

Photo by @inwiththeoldhome 

botanical meadow wallpaper
cottagecore wallpaper
vintage nursery frame

Photo by @raisingrodmans

vintage girl nursery
floral vintage wallpaper for girl

Hang botanical prints on the walls to add a touch of vintage and nature-inspired art. These can be classic illustrations or more modern interpretations of plant life.

Repurposed and Upcycled Items

vintage nursery for baby
cottagecore nursery for boy

Give old furniture and decor items a new life. Repurpose items like an old dresser into a changing table or paint an old mirror frame to match the nursery’s theme.

Make the Room Bloom!

We just couldn't get enough with this timeless nursery theme. Creating a vintage cottagecore nursery doesn't stop with just blending the rustic or vintage ones, just think of creating a handmade charm of countryside living with the sweet, delicate details of those old days.

Don’t forget to share your cottagecore nursery transformations with us! Let's make magic together in these little corners we create for our newest joys!

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vintage cottagecore nursery

13 Stunning Coastal Boho Beach Nursery Themed Ideas

13 Stunning Coastal Boho Beach Nursery Themed Ideas

Oh, how we swoon over the beauty of a coastal nursery theme, especially for summer! Crafting a haven that just brings the feeling of ocean breezes and sandy toes is a dream for many parents. Whether you're wanting a boho beach nursery for a baby girl room or a lively boys surf room filled with the spirit of the waves for your boys the options are as boundless as the ocean itself.

From the charming beach-inspired accents to the soothing coastal color palettes, let’s set sail and explore 13 breathtaking ideas for creating your perfect beach nursery, coastal nursery, baby boy nursery, or tropical nursery.

Let's dive into these 13 stunning ideas that promise to transform your nursery into a coastal boho paradise, where every detail whispers tales of the sea and sand.

Boho and Ocean-Inspired Wallpapers and Decals

blue wall nursery
under the sea fish wallpaper
black canopy nursery
sea wallpaper
flamingo nursery wallpaper
flamingo nursery
boho nursery wallpaper (2)
wild flower nursery
boho nursery wallpaper (4)
boho nursery
boho nursery wallpaper (3)
boho nursery wallpaper

Transform the room with ocean-inspired wallpapers. Whimsical patterns of marine life or gentle wave designs can turn the nursery walls, if you're feeling experimental why not use flamingo wallpaper for beachy summer vibes room, turn it into a captivating backdrop for your tropical nursery

Soft, Sandy Palettes

boho beach nursery

Incorporate the calming hues of the beach with soft, sandy palettes. These gentle tones set the stage for a tranquil coastal nursery atmosphere, inviting serenity and peace.

Bohemian Textures and Layers

aquamarine cabinet
macrame coastal nursery (2)

Photo by @crystal_oak

macrame coastal nursery

Photo by @thepaintedloom

Embrace the eclectic charm of boho by adding various textures and layers. Think macrame wall hangings, woven rugs, and soft, fringed throws to add warmth and character to the beach nursery.

Sea Creatures, Mermaids and Starfish Accents

submarine crib mobile
boho beach nursery (2)

Photo by @liamandmeco

Adorn your baby's nursery with delicate seashell and starfish accents. These natural treasures from the sea create a delightful connection to the ocean's wonders in any baby girl or boy nursery.

Surfboard Decor for Surf Room

baby boy surfer nursery
beach nursery

Incorporate surfboard decor to capture the essence of the waves. A miniature surfboard, or even surf-themed art, can bring a sense of adventure and exploration to a boys surf room.

Nautical Lighting Fixtures and Lamps

sailor blue room
whale lamp for nursery
whale lamp
whale lamp
whale lamp
boho chandellier

Illuminate the nursery with nautical lighting fixtures. Lantern-style lights or those with rope details can add a charming coastal touch to your baby's space.

Rustic Wooden Elements

warm peach nursery

Room by @kaliemcassady  | bassinet

rustic cabinet nursery

photo by @life.withleandra

Introduce rustic wooden elements to ground the space with a touch of nature. Wooden cribs, shelves, and picture frames enhance the coastal vibe while keeping the decor earthy and grounded.

Coastal Boho Artwork

boho beach nursery (4)
coastal nursery (2)

Decorate the walls with coastal boho artwork. Art pieces featuring whales, turtles, or abstract ocean scenes can add beauty and inspiration to the nursery.

Sea-themed or Boho Mats and Pillows

blue mat
shell pillow
beige shell mat
shell pillow (2)
whale rug
summer pillow
macrame mat
rattan boho cushion
boho beach nursery

We just love these shell mats and pillows! Just add extra beach vibes to your baby nursery. We love that it can easily blend in with boho items and decors too!

Dreamy Canopies

cream and teal canopy
tea canopy

Create a cozy nook with dreamy canopies. A flowing canopy over the crib or reading corner can add a magical touch, perfect for lulling your little one to sleep or storytime snuggles.

Beachy Storage Solutions

beach nursery
boho under the sea nursery
boho basket

Opt for beachy storage solutions. Baskets made from natural materials like seagrass or jute offer practical storage while staying true to the coastal boho theme.

Oceanic Bedding and Pillows


Choose oceanic bedding and pillows with sea-themed patterns or in shades of blue and green. They're perfect for setting a dreamy seascape scene in the crib or toddler bed.

Personalized Coastal Keepsakes

wall cabinet
boho beach nursery

Incorporate personalized coastal keepsakes, such as framed beach photographs or a custom nautical name sign. These special touches make the nursery uniquely yours and full of love.

Let's make waves together!

Creating a coastal boho beach nursery is an exciting adventure, blending beach accents with bohemian flair for a unique baby girl or boy nursery. These ideas serve as your inspiration to curate a space that's not only beautiful but also full of warmth and joy.

Be sure to share your coastal nursery creations with us, we like to see your stunning nursery designs that capture the imagination of life near sea. Happy decorating, lovely parents!

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Boho Beach Nursery Moodboard

Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

Hello, dear readers! As a mom and your go-to source for all things baby, I know just how exciting and overwhelming a new bundle of joy into the world can be. Not just for the parents, but for everyone eager to shower the little one with love.

If you're scratching your head over the perfect gift for a newborn, or first birthday gift ideas, best christening gifts, fret not! Today, we share our favorite newborn baby gift ideas that are sure to make both baby and parents smile.

From practical items that ease the new parents' journey to adorable keepsakes that'll be cherished for years to come, I've got you covered. Whether you’re a first-time gift-giver or a seasoned pro looking for something unique, this guide will simplify your search.

All gifts from my round up are linked below by number!

gift ideas

Here are the list:

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There you have it! I hope you find the cutest and most memorable gifts for your baby, little nieces, or nephews for the upcoming gifting event!

If you want to check more of this, checkout Cozy Nursery Store for your baby needs!

11+ Baby Monthly Photo Ideas: Milestone Pictures You Can Do at Home

11+ Baby Monthly Photo Ideas: Milestone Pictures You Can Do at Home!

For new parents or new moms we're often so excited on our baby’s journey! May it be our first born or second baby every coo, smile, and nap is worth capturing. Our baby’s grow up so fast that we wanted to capture every little thing that we can have memories of.

So if you are looking for a collection of ideas for milestone picture ideas or monthly milestone ideas that you can easily do from the comfort of your home, you've come to the right place.

From your baby's very first photo to adorable father and baby shots, we've compiled over 11 baby monthly photo ideas to help you document the precious first year of your little one's life.

You don’t want to miss this, because everyone knows babies grow up so fast! How we wish they can be babies forever! Here are some ideas to make a timeline of monthly baby pictures for adorable keepsakes.

Milestone Ideas with Number Cards

twinning milestone photo

Photo by @maferfitz  | Moses Basket

monthly milestone ideas (12)
clementine swaddle
monthly baby pictures (2)

Photo by @babypicsapp

monthly milestone ideas (11)

Photo by @teeny.tinybaby

baby milestone photo
baby monthly photo
baby photo
monthly milestone ideas (2)
monthly baby photos (2)

This idea is crowd's favorite and a classic minimalist photo idea as well. You just need a white bedsheet, have the baby lie down and put number cards beside them. This is so good with boho theme inspired ideas using wooden cards and numbers.

Milestone Ideas with Classic White Onesie

baby milestone photo
baby photo
baby milestone photo (3)

Dress your baby in a simple white onesie and mark each month with a cute, customizable sticker. This clean and classic look is timeless and focuses all the attention on how much your baby grows each month.

Milestone Ideas with Chalkboard Art

baby photo chalkboard (2)
baby photo chalkboard

Photo by @squallymuffin

baby milestone photo (2)

Get creative with a chalkboard as your backdrop, sketching out each month's progress with artistic flair. Use vibrant, classic, pastel or white colored chalked! Such a fun way to add personalized touches and visual storytelling to your baby's monthly milestones.

Milestone Ideas with Seasonal Props

Christmas baby monthly photo

Photo by @carlee.and.little

spring monthly milestone ideas (3)

Photo by @calistaflowerensia

monthly baby photos (3)

Photo by @chxlil 

spring monthly milestone ideas (6)

Photo by @baby___ideas

spring monthly milestone ideas (4)

Photo by @calistaflowerensia

mermaid milestone photo
spring monthly milestone ideas (5)

Photo by @baby___ideas

autumn monthly baby photo

Photo by @baby___ideas

autumn milestone photo (2)
autumn milestone photo
Christmas baby photo
Christmas baby monthly photo (2)
new year baby photo

Photo by @lucie.bakes

autumn baby photo

Photo by @babypicsapp

monthly milestone ideas (10)

Photo by @legallystyledmama

Incorporate elements of the season to add a festive touch to your photos. From spring flowers, summer beach balls to autumn leaves, using seasonal props can bring a colorful and vibrant backdrop to your monthly baby photos.

Milestone Ideas with Favorite Toys

monthly baby photos

Photo by @ajoneslifestyle

baby photo

Photo by @ajoneslifestyle

monthly baby pictures (5)
elephant pillow (3)
monthly milestone ideas (4)
baby milestone photo (4)
elephant pillow (2)
elephant pillow
giant giraffe plushie
elephant pillow (3)

Use your baby's favorite toy as a consistent prop in each photo to show just how much they've grown in comparison.We love the idea of a giant elephant plushie or even a big giraffe stuffed toy for that safari-themed feel. You can use a big teddy bear too! It's a playful and sweet way to track their growth.

Milestone Ideas with DIY Milestone Blankets

milestone blanket
blanket milestone photo (3)
blanket milestone photo

A milestone blanket serves as a fantastic and interactive backdrop for your photos, marking each month with cute designs and numbers. Lay your baby down on this specially designed blanket for a quick and easy photoshoot.

Milestone Ideas with Themed Outfits

monthly baby pictures

Photo by @mamabirdchronicles

rainbow baby photo

Photo by @jenn.cassandra

winter baby photo milestone

Photo by @edemasellis

monthly milestone ideas

Photo by @deahowald

spring monthly milestone ideas (2)

Photo by @marinadozhdzhaniuk

monthly baby pictures (3)

Photo by @baby___ideas

baby monthly photo idea (2)

Photo by @ircaniat

hello nursery pillow
balloon milestone photo
bear romper white

Celebrate holidays, seasons, or special occasions with themed outfits for your baby each month. From adorable hamburger costumes, to fries costumes, to ketchup or even mustard rompers these make for adorable photos and help commemorate the time of year.

Milestone Ideas with Foods

baby monthly photo idea (3)

Photo by

food milestone photo

Photo by @summertelba

pizza milestone photo
monthly milestone ideas (5)

Photo by @selahvictor

monthly milestone ideas (3)

Photo by @diyetimsi1seyl

ketchup and mustard romper

Milestone Ideas with Crib Bumper and Nest

knotted crib bumper (2)
knotted crib bumper
knotted crib bumper
blue baby knitted nest
white baby knitted nest
pink baby knitted nest

Moms love this milestone photoshoot because as we all know knotted or braided crib bumper is an essential in every baby's nursery, because their safety is our priority plus who wouldn't like a double purpose item in our collection.

Milestone Ideas with Sibling

sibling and baby sister

Photo by @discoverandco

siblings photo
twinning milestone photo

If your baby has siblings, involve them in the monthly photo shoots. It’s a lovely way to show the growing bond between siblings and add an extra layer of cuteness to your photos.We always love the side by side photo, it is just so sweet to reminisce those times when they are such a small baby.

Milestone Ideas with Letterboard Quotes

monthly milestone ideas (6)
monthly milestone ideas (9)
baby photo
monthly milestone ideas (13)
baby monthly photo idea

Photo by @emilyvdesrochers

baby milestone card
boho letterboard

Use a letterboard to display your baby's age or a funny quote about their development. This adds a personal and often humorous touch to your monthly snapshots.Plus! Letterboards are such a good reusable display for nursery rooms when you don’t need it for props!

Milestone Ideas with Storytime

baby with book photo

Photo by @scenesfromnadine

baby monthly photo idea (5)

Photo by @scenesfromnadine

work from home baby photo

Photo by @omiii_11123

Attention Mamas who just love books! Photograph your baby during storytime, surrounded by books or being read to. This idea adds a cozy and intellectual vibe to your photo series.

Milestone Ideas with Bubble Baths

monthly baby pictures (6)
bathtub photoshoot

Capture the joy of bath time with a bubbly photo session. These shots are not only adorable but also showcase a different, playful side of your baby.

Time flies so fast!

Documenting your baby’s first year with these monthly milestone photos is a fun, rewarding project that results in priceless memories. Whether it's through chalkboard drawings, heartfelt father and baby moments, or seasonal celebrations, each photo is a snapshot of a moment you'll want to remember forever.

So grab your camera and start capturing those precious monthly milestones . Don't forget to share your favorite baby monthly pictures and moments with us. Let's inspire each other. Happy photographing, moms and dads!

baby monthly photo idea