17 Breathtaking Wildflower Baby Nursery Theme Guides and Ideas

17 Breathtaking Wildflower Baby Nursery Theme Guides and Ideas

Oh, the world does seem to take on a rosy hue when you're expecting a little princess, doesn't it? Everywhere I turned, from the pop of a colleague's blouse to the whimsical toy in a commercial, and yes, even that irresistible pink onesie tucked away in a Target aisle, pink whispered my name. But, as I daydreamed beyond the sea of pink for my first bundle of joy, my heart found love with spring wildflowers.

This idea of blending the timeless elegance of florals with the earthy essence of wildflowers just clicked - woodsy, vintage-inspired haven for your little one, a wildflower baby nursery theme combines the rustic charm of a woodsy nursery with the delicate beauty of vintage floral elements.

I'm absolutely thrilled to share some darling floral and wildflower nursery inspirations from wildflower nursery bedding, to decors and DIY projects that are so enchanting, you'll be bookmarking them faster than you can say "copycat"!

Whimsical Wildflower Wallpaper

wildflower accent wall
vintage cottagecore nursery

Room Photo by @breezegiannasio | yellow canopy

vintage flower wallpaper
vintage pink boho nursery
floral wallpaper
mini flower wallpaper

Opt for a wallpaper adorned with whimsical wildflowers in soft pastel hues, creating a dreamy and serene atmosphere in the nursery. This design, with its delicate flowers and leaves, seems to dance across the walls, bringing a sense of enchantment and gentle beauty to the space.

Incorporate a Garden-Inspired Mobile

floral pink crib mobile
yellow flower and bee crib mobile
mini flower crib mobile
pink flower crib mobile

Suspend a garden-inspired mobile above the crib to captivate and soothe your baby. Look for mobiles featuring felt or wooden wildflowers and bees, butterflies, or birds to bring the beauty of nature indoors and stimulate your baby’s developing senses.

Create a Feature Wall with Flower Decals

brown boho daisy decal
daisy room wall art
flower wall decor
daisy baby nursery
tulip flower decor
pink boho chic nursery 3
white wall flower decor
wild flower decal
mini flower decal
flower nursery for baby
boho pink daisy nursery

For an eye-catching focal point, create a feature wall using removable flower decals. This allows for customization and easy changes as your baby grows or as your taste evolves, keeping the nursery fresh and inviting.

Add a Canopy for a Magical Touch

baby flower nursery
boho floral canopy
flower wallpaper decal
white princess canopy
pink canopy
white canopy

Drape a light, airy canopy over the crib or reading nook to create a whimsical, enchanted atmosphere. Choose a canopy with floral accents or in soft pastel shades to enhance the wildflower theme and add a touch of magic to your baby's nursery.

Use Wildflower-Themed Bedding

wildflower bedsheet
wildflower bed cover
floral crib cover
baby bed cover boho
moses basket

Select bedding that blooms with wildflower prints or motifs to tie the room together. Soft, organic materials with floral patterns not only comfort your baby but also reinforce the nursery’s theme with every fold and tuck.

Display Botanical Prints and Posters

botanical art print
daisy frame print
baby nursery wildflower
wallpaper frame

DIY wallpaper in frame | pastel in bloom wallpaper

Decorate the walls with botanical prints and posters of wildflowers. Artwork featuring detailed illustrations or whimsical representations of flora can serve as educational elements and beautiful decorations, fostering a love for nature from the earliest age.

Choose Floral Shaped Rugs or Mats

flower rug (2)
flower rug
floral boho nursery
gingko leaf rug

Floral Hideaways Tents and Teepees

Woodland Floral Tent Teepee
flower teepee
flroal teepee
wildflower teepee tent

Floral tents and teepees create a fun hideaway for your little one, offering a special nook within the nursery where imagination and play can bloom. Choose plain or earthy toned or even floral printed one with wildflower prints or delicate floral patterns.Cozy spot for reading, napping, or dreaming amidst a garden of fabric petals.

Introduce Nature-Inspired Accessories

butterfly wall decor pink
Boho Chic Wall Hangings
daisy linen curtain
flower rattan wall decor
Bohemian Woven Daisy Flower Ornaments
rattan mirror
wildflower banner

Room Photo by @bohomakes

vintage wildflower nursery
wildflower wall decor

Room Photo by @matiandbee

curtain ribbon

Accessorize the room with nature-inspired items such as a flower-shaped mirror, word banners, lamp bases with floral designs, or knobs and pulls for furniture that feature botanical motifs. These small details can significantly enhance the overall wildflower theme.

Opt for Handmade Wildflower Toys or patches

knitted flower teether
daisy patches

Incorporate handmade wildflower-themed toys, like soft plush flowers and fabric books with floral patterns, add some flower patches. These not only serve as decor but also as educational tools, introducing your baby to the names and colors of different flowers.

Craft a DIY Wildflower Garland

wild flower hanging gardland
wild flower garland
daisy garland

Embrace a DIY project by crafting a wildflower garland to drape across the nursery walls or windows. Using felt, paper, or fabric, you can create a personalized, colorful decoration that adds warmth and a handcrafted touch to the space.

Install a Rustic Bookshelf for Storytime

book shelves rattan

A rustic, wooden bookshelf filled with tales of enchanted forests, magical creatures, and blooming gardens will not only enhance the wildflower theme but also instill a love of reading in your child from a young age. Choose natural wood finishes that complement the earthy tones of the nursery.

Frame Pressed Wildflowers for Authentic Decor

wildflower nursery (2)

Room Photo by @courtneykaup  | Changing Moses Basket

flower frame
pressed wild flower frame

Bring an authentic touch to your nursery by framing pressed wildflowers. This DIY project can be a beautiful way to introduce real elements of nature into the space. Arrange them in clusters on the wall for a gallery effect or as standalone pieces for a simple, elegant look.

Use Wildflower-Themed Baskets for Organized Charm

rattan basket
brown rattan basket

Storage can be both functional and thematic with wildflower-themed baskets. Use them to hold toys, blankets, or baby essentials, adding a decorative touch while keeping the nursery tidy. Wicker or fabric baskets with floral linings are perfect for this.

Incorporate a Wooden Accent Chair

pink boho chic nursery

Add a comfortable and stylish floral accent chair to the nursery. Not only does it provide a cozy spot for feeding or cuddling, but it also serves as a striking decor piece. Choose a chair with fabric that mirrors the wildflower theme for a cohesive look.

Design a Custom Wildflower Name Sign

baby wooden sign name

Room Photo by dawleymama.co

flower decor

Personalize the nursery with a custom wildflower name sign for your baby. Whether it's painted, carved, or crafted from metal or wood, a name sign adorned with wildflower motifs makes a heartfelt focal point that celebrates your little one's identity.

Choose Soft Lighting with Floral Accents

wildflower DIY light cover
flower light macrame

Soft, ambient lighting is essential in creating a calming atmosphere for your baby. Lamps with floral accents or designs, and light fixtures that cast botanical shadows, can enhance the wildflower theme while providing a soothing glow for naptime and bedtime.

Decorate with Hand-Painted Wildflower Pots

floral nursery pot
daisy pot

Small, hand-painted pots with wildflower designs can hold real or artificial plants and serve as delightful accents throughout the nursery. These can be placed on shelves, windowsills, or the changing table to add pops of color and life to the space.

Bloom, Flower Child!

And there you have it, my lovely parents or soon-to-be moms and dads, a sprinkle of inspiration for your little one's first bloom into this world. Creating the perfect wildflower nursery is all about layering love, laughter, and a touch of magic into every nook and cranny. Whether it's through the vintage charm of an antique lamp, wildflower nursery rug or the soft rustle of floral curtains your nursery will become a haven of precious memories.

So grab your paintbrush (or your shopping list) and let's make some magic happen, turning dreams into reality, one wildflower at a time!

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13+ Baby First Easter Picture Ideas

Are you looking for the cutest baby’s first Easter photo ideas to capture your little one's special day? Well, mama, you're in luck! Today, I've gathered up my favorite DIY Easter photo ideas for your newborn easter pictures, that you can easily do at home. Plus, I've found some adorable accessories to make your pictures extra sweet.

Easter is almost here! Can you feel the excitement? Flowers and greens sprouting up everywhere, and the joy of opening that first bag of Mini Eggs.

It's the perfect time to capture all the love and cuteness with some beautiful photos with baby’s, toddlers, siblings and friends.. Whether you're planning a fancy outdoor photoshoot or just snapping some cute pics with your phone at home or indoors, here are some adorable infant Easter pic ideas to inspire you.

13+ Baby First Easter Picture Ideas

1. Easter Bunny Costume

Dress your baby in an adorable Easter bunny costume complete with floppy ears and a fluffy tail for a classic and cute Easter look. This iconic costume is perfect for capturing the essence of Easter and will make your baby the star of the photoshoot.

easter baby photos (4)
easter photography ideas (3)
easter bunny photo (3)
Bunny costume - Copy
Bunny costume (2)
easter bunny photoshoot (6)

Photo by littlethea.co

2. Easter Egg Hunt

Create a mini Easter egg hunt scene with colorful eggs scattered around your baby, eliciting excitement and wonder as they discover the treasures hidden within. This interactive setup adds a playful element to the photoshoot and captures the joy of Easter festivities.

Baby Girl Easter 2021
baby easter pictures
baby easter photos

3. Spring Flower Backdrop

Set up a backdrop adorned with fresh spring flowers or flower garlands to create a beautiful and seasonal setting for your Easter photoshoot. The vibrant colors and delicate blooms provide a picturesque backdrop for capturing sweet moments with your baby.

easter baby photos (5)
easter bunny photo

4. Bunny Props

Add bunny-themed props such as plush toys, rattles, or wooden bunny decorations to add a whimsical touch to your Easter photos. These props can be held by your baby or arranged around them to create an adorable and festive scene.

5. Easter Bonnet

Complete your baby's Easter look with a charming Easter bonnet and headband adorned with ribbons, flowers, or Rabbit headband or beanies. Plus they can reuse this for spring outfit ideas!

newborn easter picture (5)
easter baby photos

Photo by stylebyyeye

easter photography ideas

6. DIY Easter Basket or Baby in Bassinet

Craft a personalized Easter basket filled with handmade goodies, including felted Easter eggs, knitted bunny toys, and homemade treats. Capture your baby's happiness as they explore their Easter basket and discover the special surprises inside.

baby easter pictures (6)
newborn easter picture (6)

Photo by littlemoments.lb

easter baby photos (3)
easter bunny photoshoot (7)

Photo by @veroniquephotos

7. Letterboard First Easter Photo Idea

Set up a letterboard with a festive Easter message or milestone announcement, such as "Baby's First Easter" or "Hoppy Easter!" Place your baby next to the letterboard and capture their adorable expression as they pose for their Easter photo.

You can use these phrase ideas also : "Some Bunny Loves You", "Egg-cellent Adventures Await" , "Too Cute to Be Bunn-true", "I'm Egg-cited for Easter!"

baby easter pictures (4)
newborn easter picture (3)
easter baby photos (2)

8. Baby’s First Easter Milestone Card

Create a custom milestone card specifically for your baby's first Easter. Include details such as their age, favorite Easter activity, and any special memories from the day. Place the milestone card next to your baby and snap a photo to commemorate this milestone occasion.

Milestone Photo Baby


9. Baby with Carrots

Arrange a bunch of fresh carrots around your baby and capture their reaction as they explore this classic Easter vegetable. Whether they're holding a carrot or munching on it with curiosity, this simple yet adorable setup makes for a charming Easter photo that highlights the joy of the season.

Easter bunny photos
easter bunny photoshoot (4)
newborn easter picture (4)
easter baby photos
easter bunny photo (2)

10. Peter Rabbit Easter Photo Ideas

Dress your little one in a blue jacket with a white cotton tail attached and pair it with floppy bunny ears. Set up a garden backdrop with potted plants, watering cans, and baskets filled with vegetables. Capture adorable moments of your baby exploring the garden or nibbling on carrots, just like Peter Rabbit himself.

easter bunny photoshoot (2)

Photo by danniihodgson

easter bunny photoshoot

Photo by hertshomelife

12. Newly Hatched Baby Chick

Set up a cozy nest-like backdrop with soft bedding and delicate flowers. Dress up your baby with a knitted chicken costume or adorable chick hat or beanie! This heartwarming picture idea is sure to melt hearts and create treasured memories of your baby’s first Easter.

baby easter pictures (2)


baby easter pictures (3)


baby easter pictures (5)


easter bunny photoshoot (5)
newborn easter picture

Photo by stefanyferraz

13. Easter Picnic Photo Idea

Set up a cozy Easter picnic scene with a checkered blanket, picnic basket, and colorful Easter-themed snacks like bunny-shaped cookies and pastel-colored candies. Capture candid moments of your baby enjoying their first Easter picnic amidst nature's beauty.

easter bunny photoshoot (3)
easter bunny photoshoot (8)


14. Minimalist Baby Bunny Theme

Easy to set up at home. We love that this can be captured while having snuggle moments in the bedroom or playroom. Just the classic lying in white bedsheet photoshoot ideas or even a baby in costume posing while being carried at home!

newborn easter picture (2)

Photo by  __ash.idle

easter baby photos (6)
easter photography ideas (2)
baby easter pictures

Start the Hunt!

Got your idea for your Easter Photoshoot? We are so glad we have shared this with you today! With these baby first Easter picture ideas, you're all set to capture memories of your little one's Easter celebration. So whether you wanted a classic bunny costume, a playful egg hunt setup, or a floral backdrop, or even a picnic setup we sure it will be fun and definitely a memory to keep!

How to Pick the Best Rug for Your Nursery

How to Pick the Best Rug for Your Nursery

Designing a nursery can be challenging, especially considering it's often the tiniest room in the house. You might wonder about the ideal rug size, what shape it could be, or if it would go along with your theme. Today we will be sharing some tips and guides to find the perfect nursery rug for a baby's or toddler's room.

We'll walk you through the world of cute nursery rugs, nursery layout considerations, non-toxic options, and gender-neutral choices to help you make the best decision for your baby's room.

1. Size and Shape

neutral rectangle rug
Modern Nursery Rug
nursery rug rectangle
Bear Rug
boho rattan rug

Consider the size and shape of the rug carefully. A larger rug can define a specific area within the nursery, such as the play zone or under the crib. It's important that the rug's dimensions complement the layout of the room. Circular rugs, for example, can add a whimsical and playful touch to the nursery, while rectangular rugs may provide a more structured and defined space.

2. Soft and Plush

Plushie Rug farmhouse
boho nursery

When it comes to materials, prioritize softness and plushness. Babies spend a lot of time on the floor, so you want a rug that's comfortable for them to crawl and play on.

We just love this Yellow Tipi rugs that are durable, high-quality and with fun designs! Materials like wool or cotton are known for their softness and warmth, making them excellent choices for a nursery rug.

3. Easy to Clean

Babies can be messy, and spills are bound to happen. Therefore, it's essential to choose a rug that's easy to clean. Look for rugs that are machine-washable or have stain-resistant properties. This will save you time and stress when accidents occur.

4. Non-Toxic Materials

sleeping fox rug
Tiger nursery rug
orange circle rug

Safety is paramount in a nursery. Ensure that the rug is made from non-toxic materials. Look for certifications like Oeko-Tex or GREENGUARD, which guarantee that the rug is free from harmful chemicals and safe for your baby to be around.

5. Gender-Neutral Designs

llama rug for nursery
ABC big rug

Opt for gender-neutral rug designs that are versatile and can adapt to future changes in the nursery's purpose. Geometric patterns, animal motifs, or nature-inspired themes are excellent choices that can suit any gender and age group.

6. Multi-Purpose

Leaf Rug Crawling Mat
track rug
ABC rug

Consider choosing a multi-purpose rug that can serve various functions in the nursery. For example, some rugs come with interactive elements like educational prints or sensory features that can engage your baby's curiosity and learning.

Additionally, a multi-purpose rug can be easily moved around the room to adapt to different activities, making it a versatile and practical choice for your nursery.

7. Rug Placement

abc nursery rug
leaf rug for nursery
soft faux rug

Decide where you want to place the rug in the nursery. The placement can significantly affect the room's overall feel. Placing it under the crib can create a cozy sleeping area, while positioning it in a reading nook can encourage learning and exploration. The rug's placement should align with your nursery's layout and functionality.

9. Budget-Friendly Options

Nursery decor can add up quickly, so it's wise to explore budget-friendly rug options that offer quality without a hefty price tag. There are plenty of affordable rugs on the market that are both stylish and functional, allowing you to create a beautiful nursery without exceeding your budget.

10. Carpet or Rug?

baby girl room pink

When it comes to these two you have to decide whether a wall-to-wall carpet or a rug is more suitable for your nursery. Wall-to-wall carpeting provides a seamless and cozy surface for the entire room, offering insulation and softness underfoot.

On the other hand, a rug offers flexibility by allowing you to choose the specific area you want to cover. Rugs are also easier to replace or update as your child grows, making them a versatile choice for evolving nursery needs. With these points consider your preferences and the room's layout when deciding between the two.

boho rug

Can’t choose between the two? You can go with layering too. Carpet and rug combined!

Ready, Set, Rug!

Are you Team Carpet or Team Rug? Maybe we can tackle this on our next blog. Share your ideas and room inspiration below; we would love to read them!

Remember to consider size, softness, safety, and style to create a cozy haven for your little one. Now, it's time to start your rug hunt and turn your nursery dreams into reality. Happy rug shopping!

Now, it's time to start your rug hunt and turn your nursery dreams into reality. Happy rug shopping!