Did you know that pregnant women live nearly at the limit of human endurance?

Not all heroes wear capes!
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Did you know that pregnant women live nearly at the limit of human endurance??⁣⁣
Yep, researchers from Duke University studied athletes such as elite runners (we’re talking 3000km +…. not sure who those nutters are though) and cyclists in the Tour De France in a bid to identify the absolute limit of human endurance! ⁣⁣
Their research showed that the human body can cope with a maximum energy expenditure of 2.5 times its’s resting metabolic rate (which is on average around 4000 cals). ⁣⁣
What is so interesting about this is that when it comes to pregnant women, at their peak their energy expenditure is around 2.2 times their metabolic rate. ⁣⁣
So in a nutshell, growing tiny humans means your body is pushing the boundaries of your human capabilities in a way only otherwise experienced by exceptionally elite athletes! ⁣⁣
What’s that? Superheroes? Why yes, I do believe we are 😉 ⁣

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