22 Totally Gorgeous Neutral Pink Boho Nursery Ideas

22 Georgeous Neutral Pink Boho Nursery Room Ideas

If you're dreaming of creating a whimsical yet gorgeous pink boho nursery, look no further. In this post, we'll share 22 beautiful ideas to transform your boho kids' room into a serene haven. From pink nursery ideas to boho chic nursery decor, get ready to be inspired for your pink toddler room makeover!

1. Dreamy Floral or Pink Canopy

dream pink canopy
boho floral canopy

Picture a gentle pink canopy over the crib, forming a cozy, dreamlike spot for your baby. This canopy is more than just a pretty touch – it's also a clever mosquito net! A perfect blend of style and function, keeping your little one safe and sound.

2. Boho Chic Wall Hangings

Boho Chic Wall Hangings

Incorporate boho chic with artisanal wall hangings, flower mirrors, hanging shelves. Think dried dainty plants, macramé or woven textures in soft pink and beige hues, adding warmth and texture to the walls.

3. Playful Pink Rugs

Playful Pink Rugs

Room Photo by @cakeandconfetti | white canopy

A plush, pink rug underfoot brings comfort and style, making it perfect for tiny toes to crawl and play on.

4. Natural Wood Accents

boho girl room

Blend the softness of pink with the earthiness of natural wood. Shelves, storage baskets or dainty picture frames in natural wood , blush beige or pop of color tones complement the boho vibe perfectly.

5. Whimsical Lighting

pink boho nursery ideas

Choose lights that evoke a sense of wonder – soft, warm, and maybe even star-shaped to light up your little one's world. A dainty macrame hangings or wooden lamps looks perfect for a cozy vibes.

6. Bohemian Patterned Bedding

daisy bedding set

Opt for bedding with bohemian patterns in pink or blush neutral tones, creating a cozy and stylish sleep space. We love this dainty printed daisy bedding set!

7. Vintage Pink or Neutral Colored Furniture

vintage pink boho nursery
floral wallpaper
pink blush nursery inspo

Incorporate a vintage dresser or rocking chair, tatami in a muted pink or wooden colors, blending timeless elegance with modern boho charm.

8. Botanical Prints and Wall Decals

pink boho chic nursery
pink boho chic nursery 3

Botanical and floral prints in soft pink, sage and green add a touch of nature and serenity to the nursery.

9. DIY Boho Crafts

floral pink crib mobile

Get creative with DIY boho crafts, like a handmade wooden mobile or wall art, adding a personal touch to the room.

10. Layered Textures

pink chic boho nursery

Mix and match different textures – fluffy pillows, smooth wooden surfaces, and macrame geometric carpets, all in varying shades of pink and neutral beige colors.

Room Photo by @jiddybang | Boho Wooden White Crib (similar)

11. Boho Baskets for Storage

boho nursery

Use bohemian-style baskets for practical and stylish storage solutions.This can vary from canvas bins, cute rattan baskets or pink mini baskets!

12. Soft Pink Paint

daisy soft pink paint nursery

Room Photo by @bsnchan | mini daisy decals

Choose a soft, muted pink paint for the walls, creating a calm and inviting atmosphere.

13. Floor Cushions for Comfort

pink nursery room

Add floor cushions for extra comfort, perfect for storytime or cuddles.

14. Hanging Plants

Introduce greenery with hanging plants, which bring life and a breath of fresh air to the nursery.

15. Eclectic Mix of Patterns

Embrace an eclectic mix of patterns in cushions, rugs, and curtains, staying within the pink and neutral color scheme.

16. Personalized Name Sign

pink boho chic nursery (2)

A personalized name sign in a boho font adds a special, intimate touch to the room.

17. Fairy Lights for a Magical Touch

floral wall decal peonies

String fairy lights around the room for a soft, enchanting glow. This also adds a cozy ambiance in morning and night.

18. Minimalist Boho Art

Minimalist Boho Art

Room Photo by @lukiluhandmade | Bunny print

Choose minimalist boho art pieces, neutral colored print arts or hanging floral wreaths that speak of simplicity and elegance.

19. Creative Wall Shelves

Install creative wall shelves for displaying cherished items and keepsakes.

20. Textured Wall Art

Daisy Textured Wall Art
daisy room wall art

Incorporate textured wall art like tapestries or 3D art pieces to add depth and a tactile element to your nursery's walls.

21. Quirky Boho Accessories

pink chic boho room nursery

Add quirky boho accessories like dream catchers, macrame hangings, or wind chimes to bring a playful and mystical vibe to the room.

22. Cozy Nook for Reading

Create a cozy nook with pillows and blankets, perfect for reading and bonding time. Add wooden shelves, or handing shelves for a clean room setup

Wrapping Up Your Pink Boho Nursery Adventure

Transforming your nursery into a neutral pink boho paradise is an exciting journey. With these 22 ideas, you're well on your way to creating a space filled with love, comfort, and style. Remember, each element you choose adds to the story of your cozy baby or toddler little nook.