The Jungle Theme Nursery

jungle baby nursery

Nursery by  @lust_life_designs

When it comes to decorating a baby room we often think what will my baby enjoy living in? What will make him/her smile every morning? What decor will be relaxing for good sleep and entertaining at the same time? And maybe will have learning elements.

Jungle theme is the best for this! 

Plenty of wall decor  with Jungle trees, leaves and animals that live in the jungle.
Cactuses, palm trees, elephants, zebras, lions. 
jungle baby nursery

The colour scheme for the nursery has its own pallet and it has to have green, beige, and brown.  Of course, white as a background and the basic colour. Only white background can highlight any decor.

jungle baby nursery

Beautiful Jungle nursery inspiration @houselust

What can we do if we build the nursery from scratch?

 First of all, the floor. The wooden floor preferably darker colours will be great. Not light as we use in Nordic nurseries.

And the hand woven jute rug of natural beige or white colour. Durable jute fibers can work really well for kids’ rooms and they are allergy-free. Cotton woven rugs are also great and easy to clean and no allergy as well as compared to wool.

jungle natural baby nursery

Beautiful nursery inspiration @jademariekingxx 

Wall decor depends on the budget. Wall paper can be a big investment but it will look fantastic. Even if you use it only partially just on one wall. Cactus wallpaper and jungle forest leaves are great background. Check if the wallpaper is suitable for kids rooms (no allergy components) and get enough with 30% extra for all the cutouts. You can use the left overs to decorate inside the wardrobe or a book shelf.


Even inside the drawers of the baby chest of drawers will look really nice. Use your imagination and decorate the room!

cactus wallpaper
cactus wall paper
baby jungle nursery

Beautiful natural nursery inspiration @sarahlouisefraser

Wall stickers can be cute. Place them above the cot and the changing table to highlight the area.

Even cartoon animals stickers can make the difference.


Such a tiny detail as a light switcher cactus decor can change the mood of any crying baby. You know how they like to press the buttons and here is the cactus! No more tears!

jungle baby nursery

Lovely nursery decor @annelinsta

leopard nursery jungle

Photo @munksandme

Apart from wall paper there is hanging decor. Now it is really trendy to have Animal Felt Heads in the nursery even if you have a Nordic style and for Jungle Nursery design they are essential. Giraffes, elephants, lions on one wall grouped together make a great decor. Also your child will learn the names of animals from the first days. If they can reach the decor from their cot bed it is beneficial to use tactile senses for learning.

tiger felt head
animal felt heads
jungle nursery

If you have very little budget you can have 2-3 posters with safari animals. Today we have plenty of choice from watercolour to realistic photos on the posters and you can choose what best goes with your theme. We will write a separate post about choosing the poster for the nursery theme. Subscribe for updates. The posters would look better in the wooden frame on the white wall. Remember that Jungle theme is wood and green and make the best of it by adding plants in Handwoven Seagrass Baskets. Eco friendly and natural look makes it a great part of the jungle:)

jungle baby nursery

Big leaves plants like Ficus Lyrata or Sansevieria Laurentii can add the Jungle real feeling and are easy to take care of and clean the dust from leaves what is really important for baby first days in your home.

jungle nursery

The cot is up to you. It can be Babyletto white and wooden or even the simple wooden like you can buy from IKEA. It has to be simple and practical. Cot canopy can be brown or green. Adding cushions with Jungle theme prints will make the cot a part of the Jungle:)
baby cot jungle nursery

designed by @nesdesigns for @yourhomeandgarden

THe Wooden baby gym, Handwoven Seagrass Baskets for toys, large Giraffe toys and any accessory that can go with the theme and you are done!

jungle baby nursery

Beautiful natural nursery inspiration @sarahlouisefraser

For the cot you can use simple plain bedding but of course buying trendy cactus bedding is tempting. So, make your choice and get ready for your baby arrival!

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4 years ago

Your website is very nice, i have bookmarked it.

Kim Podest
Kim Podest
2 years ago

Where do I find sheets like the palm bedding??