2024 Nursery Trends

In this guide, we'll take you on a journey through the hottest nursery trends of 2024. Whether you're expecting a little one or planning a nursery makeover, these trends will inspire you to create the perfect space for your baby.

From the charm of a Woodsy Woodland Nursery to the out of this world adorable Outer Space Nursery Theme, we've got it all covered. Let's explore the nursery trends that are stealing the spotlight this year!

2024 Nursery Trends

If you're thinking of a fun, magical, and gender-neutral theme that can work with boys' rooms and girls, The Woodsy Woodland Nursery is just the right room for you. With the warmth of earthy tones, the company of friendly forest creatures, and the charm of rustic decor come together to create a magical wonderland for your babies!

sage green baby boy woodland nursery

For the little princess in your life, the Pink Boho Nursery is all about pastel pinks, dreamcatchers, and rattan furniture that create a cozy and stylish space. Think about those dreamy and dainty floral wallpaper and pink canopy. We just love how this theme does not limit designs. It is so fun to mix and match with texture, patterns and shapes!

baby girl pink boho nursery

Take your baby on a cosmic adventure with the Outer Space Nursery Theme. Think planets, stars, and rocket ships that ignite their imagination and curiosity.

baby boy outer space nursery ideas

Blue is back in style for nurseries! Explore a range of Blue Nursery Theme Ideas that range from calming blues to vibrant ocean-inspired hues. We just love how these themes are timeless and such a refreshing design all year round. So neat to look at and pleasing in the eye!

baby boy room blue nursery theme trend

Teddy bears never go out of fashion may it be for nursery, baby shower themes, first birthday party ideas we can't get enough of it! Teddy Bear Nursery Theme is all about cuddly cuteness. From bear-shaped decor to snuggly teddy bear bedding, it's perfect for both boys and girls.

teddy bear nursery gender neutral

Ah we just love this Floral Nursery Theme for your little flower child! From the soothing beige to the delicate pink blush colors, to the charming floral print on the walls, teepees, and bedding, we simply can't get enough of it! We just love how it goes well with white and wooden furniture too!

baby girl floral nursery theme ideas

We probably would agree that Boho Neutral will always be the top Nursery theme in all seasons! It's so easy to design, and so fun to mix and match. You can even play with the theme, from boho safari theme, floral boho theme, gender neutral boho and more!

gender neutral boho neutral nursery

This idea of blending the timeless elegance of florals with the earthy essence of wildflowers just clicked - woodsy, vintage-inspired haven for your little one, a wildflower baby nursery theme combines the rustic charm of a woodsy nursery with the delicate beauty of vintage floral elements

Wildflower Nursery

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17 Gender Neutral Woodland Theme Woodsy Nursery Ideas

17 GENDER-Neutral Woodland Theme Woodsy Nursery Ideas

Embrace the enchanting beauty of nature with a woodland nursery theme that's perfect for any little explorer! Our guide to gender-neutral woodland nurseries combines the charm of woodland creatures and the serenity of a woodsy nursery, creating a magical, inclusive space for all.

1. Forest-Inspired Wallpaper

elk wallpaper
Woodland Wallpaper 2
woodland decor

Transform your nursery walls into a whimsical forest with gender-neutral wallpaper featuring woodland animals. This is an easy way to instantly bring the outdoors in, creating a dreamy backdrop for your baby nursery

2. Rustic Woodland Furniture

gender neutral woodland room
woodland boy room

Opt for natural wood furniture to complement the woodland theme. Cribs, dressers, and rocking chairs in earthy tones not only look timeless but also evoke the essence of a woodsy nursery.

3. Animal Motif Bedding

Woodland Theme Bedding

Choose bedding adorned with woodland creatures for a cozy, inviting crib setup. Soft, gender-neutral colors like sage green, beige and muted colors ensure the bedding is versatile, blending with various nursery decors.

4. Nature-Inspired Lighting

sleeping fox lamp
deer lamp

Photo by @mommylife.pl | Sleeping deer lamp

Incorporate lighting fixtures that mimic elements of nature, like leaves or branches or animal shaped lamps! These add a warm glow to the room and keep the woodland theme consistent throughout the nursery.

5. Whimsical Wall Art

Woodland Mushroom Decal
woodsy woodland

Adorn your walls with art or accent walls featuring forest scenes or woodland animals wall art print. This creates a visual story and stimulates your baby's imagination with the beauty of nature.

6. Plush Woodland Toys

woodland nursery shelves

Add a collection of plush woodland animals for your baby to cuddle and play with. These toys not only serve as adorable decor but also as companions for your child.

7. Wooden Bedpost and Canopy

woodland theme nursery

Photo by @posterstore | dark green canopy | eye rattan mirror


Photo by @bajkowewnetrza | beige crib bumper | green leaf rug

Install wooden bed post that resembles tree branches for a functional and creative design holder solution. It's perfect for hanging mobiles, banners, canopies or woodland-themed decor.

8. Woodland Mobiles

crib mobile woodland

Suspend a mobile with woodland creatures above the crib. It not only soothes the baby but also adds a charming focal point in the nursery.

9. Earthy Color Palette

vintage woodland ideas

Choose an earthy color palette with greens, browns, and beiges to reflect the calming tones of the forest. This palette is gender-neutral and complements the woodland theme seamlessly.

10. Faux Fur Rugs or Woodland Playmat

fox tufted rug

Add a faux fur rug or a tufted woodland theme playmat or rug for a soft, luxurious touch. It resembles forest fauna and woodsy creatures and adds warmth and comfort to the nursery.

11. Forest Animal Decals

deer decal
woodland decal

Easy-to-apply decals of forest animals are a great way to decorate without commitment. They bring a playful element to the nursery and can be easily changed as your baby grows.

12. Botanical Prints

Woodland Art Prints

Incorporate botanical prints in the decor to add a fresh, natural element. These can be in the form of curtains, bedding, wallpaper or wall art.

13. Natural Wood Accents

woodland room inspo

White and wooden crib

Use natural wood accents in picture frames, cloth hanger, wooden cribs, or decorative pieces to maintain the rustic charm of a woodland nursery.

14. Handmade or Refurbished Woodland Furnitures

deer wooden chair
gender neutral woodland room 2

Add handmade crafts like hand-painted signs, refurb dresser or cabinets, or wooden woodland animal display. These personal touches make the nursery unique and special.

15. Layered Textures

woodland nursery

Mix and match different textures like wool, cotton, and burlap to add depth and interest to the nursery's decor, enhancing the woodland feel.

16. DIY Tree Bookshelf

tree shelves

Photo by @taylor.makes

Create a DIY tree-shaped bookshelf for a fun, functional addition. It's a creative way to display books and keepsakes, contributing to the theme.

17. Whimsical Teepee or Tent

Woodland Floral Tent Teepee

Create a cozy nook with a teepee or tent adorned with fairy lights. It's a perfect hideaway for storytime and adds a whimsical touch to your woodland nursery.

Your very own Woodsy Wonderland!

Your journey to designing a gender-neutral, woodsy nursery has endless possibilities. We're excited to see how you bring this theme to life in your own unique way. We can't wait to see the magical spaces you create – share your woodsy nursery tales and photos with us! Happy decorating!

Nursery Decor Trends in 2023

Baby Rooms with Woodland Decor are getting more and more popular – bunnies, deers, toadstools, forest, trees, foxes, bears, owls, and mushrooms!

Bunny posters | Canopy | Rainbow | Mushroom Wall stickers

Dark Woodland nursery wallpaper is on trend in 2023. It doesn’t make the room gloomy. It makes it magical and interesting for the baby to discover animals and birds.

Liz Gaffney Design

Woodland animals wallpaper

Moody nursery is one of the major trends this year

Lorri Hicks Cazenave

Everything in this interior is like magic. Even the chair is like an animal from the forest waiting to play.

Nordic Animal Chair | Rug |

Krysta Meeker Home & DIY

Bold Vintage nurseries with dark wooden wall.

Earth tone nursery makes a difference after all dark colours isn’t it?

New mama Kelsey nailed this on-trend Bohemian nursery theme for her daughter, Winnie.

Daisy Nursery decor is so lovely! Check this nursery! All daisy decor is getting so popular. Daisy pillows and wall decals.

daisy nursery
daisy nursery

Daisy wall decals |

Boho Nursery is always on trend. Half sun wall stickers are so easy to design this style of nursery. Pick the size and colour and add Boho accessories!

Woodland Nursery Decor Ideas

Woodland nursery decor ideas

If you thought picking out a baby name was hard, just wait until you start decorating the nursery. There are so many options, so little time. We are happy to share design decisions for you and steer you in one direction that all expectant parents are bound to love now —a Woodland nursery theme.

Think of adorable forest animals, outdoorsy bedding, and nature-inspired wall decals. And what is great that it is all equally perfect for a baby girl, boy, or gender-neutral space. Check out some of our favorite ideas and products to get started.

Nursery by @once.upon.a.home

Beautiful Woodland Baby Nursery Decor. The main decor is, certainly, the wallpaper. Magical forest and elk family is beautifully captured on Woodland Nursery Forest Elk Wallpaper. Probably you don’t need more but there still accents to use.

Baby bed canopy beige natural colour and woodland animals crib mobile and many more…

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image @davia_at_home

Adorable Woodland baby nursery decor. And again the wallpaper gives this nursery the woodland vibe. Small accessories like felt floral crib mobile give a cute accent.

nursery via  @fernandfarmhouse

Woodland baby animals posters, floral wallpaper and paper flowers can create a cute baby nursery.

nursery via  @hannasanglar

Magical Woodland nursery decor. Forest animals telling the fairy tale… Green and pink make a great girly room combination. Natural colours textile used in the interior and rattan toy storage accessories. Pink bed canopy

nursery via @remingtonavenue

Amazing Woodland nursery decor. Lovely textures and wallpaper create magical atmosphere. The knitted pouf is a nice accent.

Padded crawling mat | wooden baby gym | textured rug | baby crib

nursery via @daughtersandthings

Knitted macrame hanging crib is a very cute accent to this Woodland nursery.

Nursery via @jennasuedesign

Beautiful Woodland baby nursery with wooden bead chandelier, Moroccan leather pouf and forest animals wallpaper.

nursery via @jaime.c.evans

Kids room Woodland theme can be exciting for the child. Playing and living in the woods with all forest creatures can be a great journey of discovery.

Deer head wall decor | rattan basket wall |

nursery via @maryanndean_
nursery via @jimmycricketau
nursery via @sareish.
nursery via @tinyandthehouse
Natural colours in baby nursery always create the perfect atmosphere.

Brown bed canopy

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