10 Best Boho Baby Nurseries


When we think about Boho we know it has to be natural. Natural colours and natural materials. If you ask any interior designer what would be the best materials to use in the styling Boho nursery you will have the answer: rattan, jute, wood, and seagrass. All these components perfectly fit into a modern Boho style.


We have collected the best 10 Boho nurseries to show the fabric, furniture, and accessories to use in the nursery.


First of all the colours. The white, ivory, beige and green are great to use for the walls. This nursery created by new mom Meg Golanski is a great inspiration for Baby girl nursery in Classic Boho Style. Everything you see in this interior has natural colors and textures. Seagrass basket used for the flower pot, macrame wall decor and cushion.


Baby changing mats with floral patterns look absolutely cute and the floral baby rompers make a great accessory. Peonies changing mat cover or any floral pattern becomes a great accent!


This nursery uses very dark green and it is a great background colour to use with the white or grey bed. And again the seagrass baskets and floral Boho patterns on the bedding and the blanket.


Artificial flowers and foliage are essential for Boho nursery if you want to make it classic. Lovely wreaths and foliage can beautifully decorate the baby room.


Rattan cribs, armchairs, and shelves are great accessories for Boho Nursery.


This is the transformation from baby nursery to the toddler room. and it is beautiful Boho Style

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Next time we will write about 10 best Boho Nursery Accessories and Modern Boho Nursery styling. Stay tuned!

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